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The Last Starfighter 1984


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Alex Rogan is a young man from a trailer court at the edge of nowhere.  After failed attempts at scholarships and feeling like his life is hopeless, he breaks the record on this arcade game.  All of his neighbors gather around to witness this event but later that night he has a visitor from another planet.

Curiously, Alex goes with this man and they end up far away on some strange planet where they are in the middle of a war between Rylos and the Kodan Armada and he is selected to pilot a gunship.

Will Xur take over the galaxy or will Alex Rogan save Rylos and find his way home to his girlfriend and family?


I have 3 favorite lines from this movie.

Number 1 is when Grigg and Alex find themselves hiding in a cave waiting for their chance to strike and Grigg gives his passionate speech about triumph against unsurmountable odds.  This youtube clip does this better.


The second was at the end when Xur's generals were left with no choice left but to face the end.



Finally, when Alex's robot double on earth is trying to and unsuccessfully manage Alex's love interest, his little brother watches from his bedroom and says diarrhea.

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