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The Nintendo Switch Flipping has begun


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On Friday pre-orders for Nintedo Switch began in the major videogame stores.


All 3900 GameStop stores in United States have filled all pre-orders of the first wave of Switch.
EB Games in Canada are currently taking Preorders while supplies last.

Walmart.com is out of stock
Best Buy US is advertising in store on launch day while supplies last.
Best Buy Canada is taking pre-orders whiles supplies last.
Amazon is unavailable.
Nintendo Store in New York is expected to sell out by Monday.
Toys R Us unavailable
Target unavailable


Today the consoles can be pre-ordered in Canadian chains like Best Buy Canada and EB Games.

Anyone else can look to eBay if they want the Switch on Launch day but re-sellers are expecting a profit.

The price ranges from  $570- $780 U.S. and there are only a few listings right now.  Many scalpers are watching to learn the value of these things.




This reminds me of the NES Classic which was supposed to be a $60 toy for Christmas but Nintendo felt that 200,000 consoles would be enough.  They were sold out by days end and can now only be found on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Really no new tracks? Common.......throw us a bone! At this point I would rather have Mario Kart Wii Deluxe with upgraded graphics and throw in Double Dash as a downloadable option to use with the motion controls!


I believe Nintendo is allowing you to download all the virtual games again for a fee of course.  Nintendo is gouging more than usual right now.


Over the holidays many stores sold out of 3DS XL and it costs as much as the Switch.

Nintendo doesn't like lowering hardware costs as history shows.




The 3DS has many great time consuming games available as well as a mature home brew community.  It will be a long time before I hand this kind of coin for the Switch.

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Bought 1 from GameStop, got the multicolored controllers. I love Nintendo and everything, but wow what a weak lineup. If 1-2 Switch is not on par with Wii Sports, I am not sure we can make it until December for the new Mario game.


Just to update on Nintendo's virtual console.  Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo of America has announced that starting with the Switch, games bought on your Nintendo account will have the capability of being tied to the account.


This means nothing of course besides Nintendo has figured out what Sony and MS were doing 10 years ago and I would wager that Nintendo Japan is going to ruin the idea of reusing what customers already paid for but the fact that they are talking about improving Nintendo accounts may be welcome news.


The launch is terrible but depending on what you like there will be a few games in between.

1,2 Switch for $50 doesn't look like something that will last more than 15 minutes.

Arms for $60 looks like a gimmick that shows off motion controls like wii sports did.

RPG people may try Disgaea 5 complete for $90 in April - May

Splatoon 2 for $70 is what the cool kids will play this summer.


I found a list on IGN which outlines some of the year.  http://ca.ign.com/wikis/nintendo-switch/Nintendo_Switch_Games


Winter Holiday 2017 is important for the Switch.  Mario Odyssey for Christmas will be a spendy but fun gift for a Nintendo fan.

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The very last thing I need is new hardware. I have a backlog like 2 years long. But after seeing the shortages with the Classic (don't have) and PSVR (got one) I figured why not PO and make up my mind later. I have to get one someday for the collection.


The night of the presentation Amazon and GS weren't taking orders. As a backup plan I put one in at Best Buy just to get me on a list. Apparently Zon and GS went up early morning and were sold out. Luckily some time later Zon reopened and I placed another order so I can use some giftcards. I hesitate to cancel one in case either store has to turn me away. I hate scalpers and don't care to do it myself.

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Not baffling at all. Nothing creates demand like the impression of scarcity. This has been their marketing strategy ever since the infamously make-believe "chip shortages" of the NES days. By limiting availability they increase demand. Someone on the fence about buying a Switch might hold off on buying one until a better lineup of games is released, so long as they're secure in the knowledge that they can change their mind and buy it at any time they want. But if they know the systems are scarce and sure to sell out, they might buy/preorder a system as soon as they find one available.

Obviously they don't want to limit production so much and so long that people lose interest entirely, but having an abundance of unsold product on the shelves on release day and shortly thereafter creates an air of failure.

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Well that strategy could backfire if people see low sales of the newest nintendo console after the Wii U's failure, they might be expecting switch to fail and by limiting supply they could be making a really dumb marketing decision. Nintendo needs to get high sales ASAP and demonstrate the switch to be a success, but I could be overestimating the average gamer's wisdom.

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