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error in colecovision experience database


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Yeah, issue 2 can lead to some confusion as two different versions exist. :)  I've never confirmed the Fall '83 version was the only official release though - do you have a source for this?  I've seen the Summer '83 version referred to as a variant but also as a draft - I suppose it could go either way.  Perhaps Coleco published two different issue #2 print runs through '83 and distributed them to different Colecovision owners?  Perhaps the Summer '83 issue was never officially released but instead leaked somehow?

I've always found this kind of magazine minutia to be interesting so pointing out errors isn't necessarily a bad thing. :)  Thanks for bringing it up.

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My curiosity was getting the best of me so I reached out to the ColecoVision Zone website to see if I could clarify this magazine's release schedule.  Stu was kind enough to provide some details. 

Apparently, the Summer 1983 version of issue #2 was officially produced and distributed but in reduced numbers.  Only some ColecoVision Experience subscribers received the Summer '83 issue while all presumably received the later Fall '83 release.  The summer issue is rare as a result - Stu's last auction sighting was in 2011 or so.

You can learn more about the ColecoVision Experience magazine - along with lots of other interesting ColecoVision ephemera - over at ColecoVision Zone.  Shoutout to Stu for the info!

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