Anyone Else Getting into Home Automation?

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1 hour ago, te72 said:

That sounds like a pretty awesome wireless setup. You're talking AC, as in running it through the power lines in your walls, right? I always wondered how fast that might be. Apart from a wireless keyboard, mouse, one computer, and PS3 controller, everything is wired in our house.

It is the successor to 802.11 n Wifi on 2.4 GHz radio signal.  It is called 802.11 ac and it runs on the 5 GHz radio spectrum.

When I lived on the farm years ago I hooked my 56k kbps dial up modem to the barbed wire fence and it ran miles past my neighbors house all the way into town for internet access.  I'm glad I'm not a settler anymore.  Always settling for things like dial up for internet and instead of records we had to stomp the floor while Jebediah would play the jug.


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Hey don't you go picking on my love of jugband blues now... you know what they say, if you can't appreciate a good stompin' beat, yer gonna get a beat.


Never knew what they were on about, but I wasn't about to argue. :P


About the only way I would run wireless is if I could get a setup like my buddy that works for the county. He's tied himself into what is more or less the back bone of the fiber optic running through the area. Something like 100 mbp/s, where I'm stringing along on a 12 mbp/s connection. Perks of being in government IT I suppose.

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