Re-Release: Game Players Nintendo Guide Issue 32 Winter 1991

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As I say in the download description, this is a re-scan of the very first mag I ever scanned.  I had scanned it using someone else's terrible scanner before I owned my Scansnap, and I was never happy with the results.  It bugged the hell out of me for so long I made sure I brought this issue back home with me when I visited my parents over Christmas so I could rescan it. 

This new version is a big improvement and can now sit comfortably alongside all of my other scans as something I'm happy with.  Please replace your file if you downloaded this previously so we can erase all evidence that the older one ever existed.:)

Lots of joins in this one.  There's a 4-page join in the middle (part of an 8 page ad.)  Warning: The 4-page join is of the same high quality as everything else, but my CBR reader apparently isn't capable of displaying such a wide image properly and so it looks super blurry/blocky.  This is a problem with the CBR reader, not the file (go ahead and extract the jpg and look if you don't believe me).  This may or may not be true of your reader as well.  Regardless, each page is also included individually, so those at least will display correctly.

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