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Hi I have just picked up my collection of game magazines from the 90's from my parents house. There are a couple of hundred magazines including about 10 issue 1's. However I'm not sure if any of them are rare or not rare at all. If I have some rare titles how can I find out so I can scan those and upload them?

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Need to figure out this whole retro scene before I give any mags away. Will be much better in the long run until I can figure out what is worth what. In the meantime if a regular needs to get in contact with me then PLEASE DO.

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I can't tell you if something is "rare" or not, but the good news is that it doesn't really matter.  If we don't have it, we'd love for you to scan it, rare or not (this isn't eBay, after all.)

You can check out our download section, or the magazine database, and if any issues you have aren't available to download here, that means we need them!  From the pic you showed, we already have 64 Magazine #1 and N64Pro #1.  The others are good candidates for scanning.

Since all of the mags in your pic are from the UK, I assume that's where you're located.  Retromags scanners are primarily based in the USA, so most of the mags we scan are American mags.  You may want to check out OldGameMags as well to see if any of your mags have already been scanned, since they have a lot more UK mags than we do.  Scanning and editing mags is a serious time investment, so there's no sense wasting all that time and effort scanning something if a decent scan is already available somewhere else.:)

Btw, the 512kb limit is a limitation of the software that runs the site and only applies to images directly embedded into forum posts.  If you need to show bigger pictures, you can link to an outside image host or else create a personal album in the "members album" gallery section of our site and upload pics there.

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