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Nintendo Switch Online Service & Splatoon

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So the way I have this figured is, Nintendo has this hierarchy planned for their online customers, starting at the top with the Nintendo Switch Online Service.  This is what Nintendo plans on introducing in 2018 as a place where the users can find all of their Nintendo Universe games, purchases and online friends and what not.  It is believed that virtual console from the Wii days will be another link beneath this but is unclear whether users will need to purchase these games again.

So we boot up our Switch, click Online Services and we likely will find as of July 21st 2017, an option to play Splatoon 2.  This game is significant because it is the first game to be promoted into this new Online Service as well as being the first Switch game to require the smartphone app "SplatNet 2" to be able to have voice chat as well as lobbies and other perks.  This is an early version of the app which Nintendo plans on improving before they start charging money for all this stuff in 2018 and I would guess they will update Mario Kart 8 Deluxe before then to utilize the voice chat and social lobbies as well but don't hold me to it.






I for one think Nintendo could have a smash hit if they can make online multiplayer work with Nintendo Entertainment System games such as Mario 3 and Double Dragon 2.  They only need to get the NES games working properly at first but if they want to keep the millions of subscribers, then they will need to introduce Super Nintendo games.  This is a huge opportunity which hinges on whether customers can easily play a quick game over the network with other quality of life perks such as a better way to save the game.

My feeling on this smartphone app isn't mixed at all.  Nintendo's base is and probably always will be rated children and family so if you are going to allow any child to play their Switch online then there needs to be a layer of supervision or proof of age.  With a smartphone, you at least know that someone is either old enough to enter a contract or is responsible enough to be trusted with the device.

The smartphone app is designed for private messages, inviting friends on social media as well as instituting voice chat and then bringing it all together on the Nintendo Switch.

I have heard people complain about the app because it is an extra step, but these people obviously have no consideration for the nasty and vulgar speech found in uncensored games such as Gears of War or Grand Theft Auto 5.  In fact, I believe that once Nintendo protects itself from litigation derived from allowing such abusive and fowl language, it will allow parties the freedom to comfortably pursue with this kind of immodest discourse if the party finds it is well within their set of guidelines.

To put it into perspective, an average chat on Xbox Live would be rated Adult but this guy playing on the Nintendo channel would be the nice junior high teacher that most people liked.  I for one would want the wild and free internet separated from my families living room.


As for Splatoon 2, it has a July 21 release date on Nintendo Switch.  A new feature called LAN Play will be added, allowing up to 10 docked systems.  That is 8 players and two spectators which can connect via wired LAN.  It is pleasant to see  players creating local Private Battle tournaments without the need for an internet connection although everyone still requires a copy of the Splatoon cartridge.





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