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Shout Factory is planning to marathon stream Starcade - an 80s game show - via Twitch sometime this August.

Loved this show as a kid.  :)  Back then - living in a rural area - there were no arcades nearby.  No news stand either, so no video game magazines.  Starcade was essentially my window into the arcade gaming scene - I'd tune in and watch every episode I could.

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I have the stream set to 1080 source and have it recording.  What I've noticed is the quality is higher than the G4 tapes which have been distributed online. 

I'm looking forward to the reboot of Starcade which is to follow in the near future.  I could see them focusing on games from the Xbox 360 era and newer although I pray the show will draw from any and all games.

The show often throws 3 softball questions and one difficult question.  Same idea with the games.  If you want to win a grand prize, then you would either have to be familiar with an obscure game or simply be lucky.  This was the difference between prizes valued at thousands and a toy valued less than 100.


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