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Halloween 2017


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The season of Samhain is upon us again marking the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter.

What is known as Halloween in America is actually an important date from ancient Gaelic times found in the earliest Irish literature.

This date traditionally marked the time where a society would celebrate the past leaving a piece behind, while crossing the threshold and becoming a new person or identity.

The Rites of passage explains this rather well.  There are three phases to the rites of passage;

1. Preliminal rites - This stage involves a metaphorical death where the person being initiated will leave behind something which signifies breaking an old practice or routine.

2. Liminal rites - This is where the person being initiated actually passes the threshold.  This phase must be understood by all people in the group and be approved by the master of ceremonies.

3. Postliminal rites - This phase is where the person rejoins the group with their new identity.

This celebration was originally only in Ireland, Northern France, and Scotland.  The English and Dutch protestants did not associate themselves with these pagan rituals.

It wasn’t until settlers arrived in America that children started “trick or treating” and costume parties were customary.

These costume parties were originally used to ward off ghosts and other evil spirits and over time the celebration became attached to horror movies.


I would like to share some movies in which I feel would be in the spirit of Halloween, particularly this year.  Feel free to add you’re own Halloween related stories and suggestions.


Feast II

Set in a small town somewhere in the desert of Arizona, a family of mutants decide to overcome the townfolk.  Even though these mutants are very simple in nature, they eat, they poop and they fornicate, they have a huge advantage over the humans in town.  Their speed, strength, size, and hearing are all superior.  Part 1 of this trilogy introduces the family of mutants and the humans are left to survive the ceaseless barrage by any means.

The first movie stands alone and so does the second one but if you watch the second one, be prepared to watch the third one after because there is no break in the film.  

This whole trilogy was absolutely hilarious and preposterous.  Characters were introduced like comic book superheroes even if they are not so favorable and it tries to sell itself to the audience as thoroughly amusing.  Some of the coolest characters get completely destroyed by the mutants in a matter of minutes after they are introduced while other characters just never seem to die.  

Wolf Creek 2

We have a movie based on real cases of hikers being abducted in and around the outback of Australia.  Redneck bushman Mick Taylor is the kinda fella that would extend the Austrailian hospitality, whether it’s a couple backpackers or simply a tourist having a bit of car trouble, Mick would always offer his survival skills.

There is one major problem with this guy though, and it is the fact that he uses this benevolence as a means of deception to lure these people to their disastrous end.

Mick was no ordinary bushman rather he was a tribalistic denizen who has for some reason become displeased with strangers visiting his homeland.  He feels these people think they are buying a ticket to some type of theme park or something.  People just walk in arrogantly, feel entitled enough to just take from their surroundings and leave a trail of shit behind.  


Human Centipede

Dr Josef Heiter, a retired surgeon specializing in the separation of conjoined twins, feels more apt at surgically rejoining creatures together again.

Inspired by the inhumane experiments conducted on victims at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II and the lunacy of writer and director Tom Six, the first part of this trilogy sets the stage for the rest of the series.

After a failed attempt of unifying three specimens by way of surgical gastro unity to satisfy his sadistic need to invent a unique type of living animal to be used as his pet, Dr Heiter learns from his first miscalculations and decides to begin again using three different subjects which he captures in the wild.

The first movie ends where the 2nd movie begins although a new dimension has been added to the story.  A mentally deficient man who lives with his mother has been abused emotionally, physically and sexually by his father and is now further abused by his mother after his complaints lead to the incarceration of his father.

In the second film, the disabled man becomes obsessed with the original movie and lashes out upon his family and environment.  Like the first movie, the man pursues his predilection to the fantasy of joining mammalian subjects by means of surgical operation between the two opposite exterior sphincters found in all mammals.

By the time part 3 was made, the movie had gone from being banned in many countries to a cult following of horror movie buffs.  Unlike the first 2 movies the 3rd installment no longer tries to take itself seriously and conservative but rather becomes a carachature of itself.  I found the third movie to be a satirical comedy horror which continues adding to the franchise and is a movie which one does not forget.



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