The importance of renaming files in a scan

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I always rename ask the pages in a scan I am editing for a few reasons. One is that I like the files to have names that are easy to read, and I hate underscores. I like them to match the name of the issue.

I also like the page number in the file name to match the number on the scanned page. Not just because it's an OCD thing, but because I use this to check if there are any pages missing from a scan. I rename the files before I start editing so that it something if missing I can scan it and have all the files scanned and ready to go.

It's more work to do this, but it ensures that you catch any missing pages before putting a lot of work into the editing stage. And it's not foolproof. I've still made goofs by unknowingly having a duplicate page instead of the proper page, but it makes it easier to see if there are pages missing and to fix it.


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Yeah I am guilty of this. When I start to scan a new magazine I usually set the page names right in the scanning software (Epson/Fujitsu).


However lately I have been leaving it at a generic "scanned_image" placeholder because I like to do the renaming after everything has been scanned. Once I have all the pages scanned I can go to the last numbered page and see what the file name is and compare that against the page number. Some magazines will not count the cover as a page number, others wont count the cover or the inside of the cover, so you end up having to name the cover "egm_issue_064_000a.jpg" and "egm_issue_064_000b.jpg". If you are going to rename pages after they have been scanned, I recommend Ant Renamer!


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