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Scan requests (UK)


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Hello everyone. I tried searching and didn't find any similar thread, so forgive me if I just search badly. This thread is to ask people to make scans/pictures of some specific pages (or whole magazines, if they are kind enough) of UK gaming magazines. Personally, I need this for my Wikipedia hobby. I write gaming-related articles in Russian Wikipedia, and in some cases there is very limited number of reviews when a game is not so popular. Some reviews are only available in magazines that are unavailable on the internet, and I really want to include as many opinions as possible on each game. I decided to include "UK" in the topic's name so that people from other countries don't waste their time even opening it. When I need magazine scans from other countries, I will probably create a separate topic (if this idea turns out productive at all). Other people are welcome to use this topic for their requests as well. I don't want it to look like a selfish topic :)

So, at this point of time I need the following:
PlayStation 2 Official Magazine — UK (April 2006): Winx Club review
GamesMaster — UK (July 2007): Winx Club: Join the Club review
Nintendo Gamer (NGamer) — UK (April 2008): Winx Club: Mission Enchantix review

That's it for now, any help is really appreciated, I'm fine with any quality as long as the images are readable.

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