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New Release: BIGGEST JPEG EVER! (Ultima VII Poster)

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I just spent the past 2 hours stitching together a poster that came with a Computer Gaming World from 1991.  It was the biggest poster I've ever scanned.  This thing was HUGE, and had to be cut up into 8 pieces to fit in my scanner.  It had previously been on someone's wall, judging by the (no longer present) tape marks.

This thing is a single .jpg that's 60MB.   And its only that small because of all the black space not needing much memory.  If you're wondering, its dimensions are 12648 x 19530. 

Toldja it was big.

Errr...if you want to get a wall-sized poster professionally printed or something, here ya go:

Even with all that empty black space, it was a pain in the ass trying to fit together all of the letters that got cut apart at the folds.  But it's pretty seamless now.  Unfortunately, it also has a map on the reverse side, so I'm not done yet.  I just haven't got it in me to edit that as well right now...
Here's a super-duper-shrunken preview which will eventually be included in the full magazine scan:

Ultima VII Poster small.jpg

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looks really good! 

i look forward to seeing the map (mainly just to hear stories of your frustration about scanning it)

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