Sexy girls, handsome men, and enormous breasts. What do YOU like about Japanese games?

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In a gratuitous piece of self-congratulations, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has an article all about how much foreigners love Japanese games.  They apparently conducted a survey of 6678 people (presumably at an anime convention or something similar where they could make sure they didn't get any unwanted opinions like "what's up with the dating sims?" or "why do all the character designs look so similar?"

These people were asked what they liked best about Japanese games.  Some of the quotes they cherry picked are below (in English except for the guy going by the name "Dr. Forbidden" who's answer translates as "enormous breasts":rolleyes:)

If I had to pick the comment I disagree the most with, it might be the one about Japanese developers having "much more creative freedom" than western developers, but maybe that's just me.

What's unclear is whether all of the comments making the westerners seem like a bunch of dudes horny for anime girls are supposed to make foreigners look bad, or make Japanese games look good for giving them what they want.


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