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Why do you visit Retromags?

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3 hours ago, MigJmz said:

how do you get access  to all these covers? Are they digital releases or real copys?

Some of both.  Digital is best, since I don't own a flatbed scanner, so other than the issues I scan and release here, any pics I take of mags I own are just snapshots taken with a camera (and edited in Photoshop to try to hide that fact, but still...)  But a lot are just covers I've found through countless hours of combing the internets.  As much time as I spend directly uploading things to the site or creating new galleries/databases, I imagine I spend 5-10 times longer researching the mags I'm working on adding to the site and combing through hundreds/thousands of websites and image searches looking for information and suitable pics for the Gallery.  I've got hundreds of folders full of thousands of images yet to be uploaded, but I usually wait until I've exhausted my search for all of the available covers for a given mag before I start uploading (this delay has the benefit of allowing me to often replace images in my archives with better ones - hopefully the best ones - before they ever get uploaded here).  And nearly every cover I find gets run through Photoshop and cleaned up before I upload it here.

Especially with Japanese mags that aren't published on a regular monthly schedule, I often have to find some sort of evidence (such as a cover) for every single issue in its run before it can be added to the database.  When I first started scanning Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation, I first had to do weeks (months?) of research tracking down information on every single issue so that the correct dates could be assigned to each issue in the database.  So yeah, I've currently uploaded over 14,100 Gallery pics and created over 4,500 database entries, but that's nothing compared to how much time I've sunk into gathering the necessary data to be able to do so in the first place.😬

3 hours ago, MigJmz said:

You upload constantly !

Tell me about it.  I just hit 21,000 content.  I have a screenshot from when I hit 19,000 on Oct. 7.  So that's basically 1,000 per month.  Over 30 per day.  Most of those are covers.  If I'm not uploading, I'm probably asleep or at work.

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