New Release: PCGames (November 1992)

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This one took a bit longer to clean up than I was expecting.  Just as before a lot of the page edges needed content fills to get rid of staple holes or uneven crops, but also a lot of the pages with pictures including ads were much too dark for my tastes.

For example:


Granted, these are slightly different ads from completely different magazines, but you can see how the first ad on the left (from marktrade's original file) is so dark that much of the detail in the background image is lost.  While it's possible this was due to poor printing of the magazine itself, I believe it has more to due with the scan settings that were used.  At any rate, I can tell you from my intimate familiarity with this game that the color and brightness of the screenshots in the second ad on the right are far more accurate than those of the first ad on the left.


For a look at what I tried to do, here's a before and after picture from this scan.  Using the lasso tool I was able to brighten the parts of the page that needed it more than others (such as the screenshot, in this case) without overly brightening areas that didn't need adjusting.   At any rate, the original file is still available at for anyone who prefers the darker look.


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