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Uploaded: PC Gamer June 1996

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Last spam for the week. This is the first PC gamer I purchased. I finally started to get into PC games after being introduced to Doom 2 and Commander Keen, but I couldn't get the modem connection to work for Doom 2 until Final Doom came out which contained a Windows launcher to handle the connection.

This issue features X-Wing VS Tie Fighter, which I have fond memories of. I still remember the cheap flight stick controller I purchased and playing co-op with my friends.



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Yassss....😍  MOAR PC GMR PLZ...🤤

I was playing on PCs for about 9 years already at this point.  Maybe because of that (still young, but already set in my game-playin' ways), I never got onboard the online multiplayer train.  I liked playing co-op games if it was with friends in the same room (on consoles, usually,) but I never took to online play, and I despise online competitive head-to-head play.

That's probably why Doom never really did much for me.  I played through the single player campaigns of every commercial release of Doom I/II from start to finish, but it was just an exercise in sheer determination, not anything done out of enjoyment.  Hundreds of levels of single-player Doom = boredom.  I actually enjoyed Wolfenstein more (as a single-player experience).  That's why I was grateful for slightly later shooters like Dark Forces that would give each level objectives and a narrative purpose beyond simply find the keys and kill everything that moves.

I never actually played XWvsTF because of its status as primarily a multiplayer game.  But I played the hell out of the enhanced CD version of the original X-Wing (didn't own Tie Fighter until years later).  Loved anything and everything Wing Commander, as well.  As for my joystick, this is the one I remember using the most, though I'm not sure when precisely I bought it:



And I still have this one brand new in a box somewhere (these are just pics I googled).  I bought it on sale, only to realize that it wouldn't work on my computer (I think it might have been USB before I had USB!)  By the time I had a PC that could use it, I was busy with other things in life other than gaming.  To this day, it's never been used:


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