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EtherealDragonz upload thread - Update 9/18 Xbox Nation August 2004

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Newest upload [9/18/2018] - Xbox Nation August 2004



Previous Files
Flux 5 - September 1995:
Game Player's Nintendo Guide  Vol 5. No. 5- May 1992:
Mega Sega 16 - August 1994:
PC Gamer Vol. 3 Issue 6 - June 1992:
Tech Gian - August 2004:
Tips & Tricks 1 - Spring 1994:




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Update 9/18 - Added Xbox Nation August 2004

Nothing special this time, just needed to make some room on my shelf. I have a few Xbox Nation magazines to upload.

I have a few interesting items coming in. Two Tech-Gian issues and The Super Famicom #1. I'll take my time scanning the Super Famicom issue.

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