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Missing magazine : Boot


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The USA magazine Boot is missing from the database. It had 23 issues released from #1 Aug/Sep 1996 to issue #23 Jul/Aug 1998. At that time the magazine was renamed Maximum PC. All issues had a cd-rom. I do not know if there was a non cd-rom version. Issue 16 has 156 pages including the covers.

whole #   volume #       date

1               v01#01          Aug/Sep 1996   

2               v01#02          Oct 1996

3               v01#03          Nov 1996

4               v01#04          Dec 1996

5               v02#01          Jan 1997

6               v02#02          Feb 1997

7               v02#03          Mar 1997

8               v02#04          Apr 1997

9               v02#05          May 1997

10             v02#06          Jun 1997

11             v02#07          Jul 1997

12             v02#08          Aug 1997

13             v02#09          Sep 1997

14             v02#10          Oct 1997

15             v02#11          Nov 1997

16             v02#12          Dec 1997

17             v03#01          Jan 1998

18             v03#02          Feb 1998

19             v03#03          Mar 1998

20             v03#04          Apr 1998

21             v03#05          May 1998

22             v03#06          Jun 1998

23             v03#07          Jul/Aug 1998


Archive.org has scans of issues 1, 3-7, 20 and 23.  They also have copies of all 23 cd-roms.



Boot 16 (891x1024).jpg

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On 3/5/2019 at 6:13 PM, nvrex said:

Not sure if this violates rules but nearly all issues can be found on Reddit posted by User: u/KnuckleSangwich

I was able to find every one except two (Issues #2 and #21)

Hello, I am the user "KnuckleSangwich" from Reddit who was referenced above. I'd love to get my scans of Boot Magazine uploaded here to Retromags. I scanned almost all issues of Boot in the past couple years, but I was missing 2 issues which I've recently been able to procure, so I'm happy to report that I'll soon be able to upload the complete set.

Is there a specific sub-forum for Boot Magazine? I looked through the list but I did not see one. Who should I reach out to in order to create this?

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