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CZUR Aura scanner


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I guess it depends on what you want it for.  I don't think it would be useful for magazine preservation, but it would probably great for a number of other things.  There are two problems holding this kind of scanner back from being useful for what we do.  #1 is the main sales gimmick of "you don't have to unbind the book" which is absolutely true of books, and yes, even magazines.  These things really aren't that much different from a document scanner app for a phone in how they manipulate a non-flat image.  They will scan whatever the camera sees and flatten the image to eliminate the curve.  What they can't do, however, is produce a completely accurate result.  The page will indeed appear flat, but the dimensions will be slightly off - the images slightly stretched or compressed.  Which is fine for making working copies, but not so good for preservation.  Problem #2 is lighting.  This isn't such a big deal for most types of scans, especially books, but when trying to accurately capture the colors of a magazine page (especially one that is still bound and has light refracting off of it at all sorts of different angles due to the curvature of the page), you aren't going to get perfect results. 

We had someone in the forums raving about one of these scanners (not sure if it was this particular one or not).  They apparently ordered one from the kickstarter or whatever funded it and said they would report the results when it came since they were convinced it would allow them to scan mags perfectly without debinding.  Never heard back from them after that, though.

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5 hours ago, Ethereal Dragonz said:

Pretty cool that you would not need to destroy a book, but what I really want is the full text extraction from the scan. It would be amazing to index all of the text from the magazines in our database so we could search for topics in specific time periods.

Most scanners are capable of creating OCR text PDFs - it's nothing new.  One of our members who has gone quiet lately converted quite a bit of his collection into OCR PDFs, and E-Day released a few of his own on Retromags as an experiment.

Scanners are much better at OCR-ing text when it's an ordinary black font printed horizontally on a solid color background.  So, great for books.  Magazines are hit and miss, as there will be certain pages that just don't get captured correctly, due to the layout of the text or interference from background images on the page.

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