Selling: Nintendo Club Magazine (Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish issues)

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I'm selling about 100 issues of the Nintendo Club Magazine magazine. These include:

03/1989, 01/1990, 05/1990, 01-06/1991, 01-06/1992, 01-04/1993, 01-08/1994, 01-08/1995, 01-08/1996, 01-03/1997; special editions: Classics (1 issue), Club Nintendo News (4 issues).

03-04/1989, 01-06/1990, 01-06/1991, 01-06/1992, 07/1993 (rare final issue); special editions: Classics (1 issue), Pokémon (1 issue)

01/1989, 02/1989, 04/1989, 01-06/1990, 01-06/1991, 01-04/1992, 01-04/1993, numbers 1-10 (october 93 to may 95); special editions: Classics (1 issue),  Guia Para Jugones 1 (1 issue).

06/1990, 01-04/1991, 01-06/1992, 01-05/1993, 01-06/1994, 01-02/1995

They are mostly in good condition. I can provide a more detailed description and more pictures if anyone is interested. You can find scans of the covers at Most scans were provided by me.


PM me with an offer.


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