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Favorite Gift?


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Nothing beats Christmas morning as a kid, opening up that NES or whatever else that your pitiful allowance would never in a million years allow you to obtain on your own.  That excitement gets lost once you're older and can just buy whatever you want with your own money, but most of us continue on with the gift exchanging practice, anyway.  So now that the holidays are over, what was the best thing you got (as a gift, or for yourself?)

For me it was a self-purchase.  The previous two editions were always out-of-print whenever I looked for them, but I was able to pre-order this 3rd edition and pick it up while home for the holidays:


Outside of video games, these were the toys I liked best as a kid, so I enjoy looking through this kind of reference book at all the things I owned and all the rest I wished I owned.

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Best birthday gift: Super Nintendo

Best Christmas gift: Final Fantasy VI

After these I don't really remember anything else, but this Christmas I got Red Dead Redemption 2, Hitman 2 and Tetris Effect which was awesome and unexpected. So this was probably my second favorite Holiday season.

Edit: Oh wait, I forgot getting Link's Awakening for the Gameboy. What an amazing game that was.

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Yeah, the NES, SNES, and a 486 PC (my first system that could play CD games) were all life-changing gifts.  Life changing in the sense of how much time I spent sitting in a chair with controller/keyboard in hand instead of spending all my time playing outside🤣

Luckily, I never had too many games, so I still had to find other things to do eventually, or else I imagine I would have ended up even more socially reclusive than I already am😆

Of course, it's all cyclical.  I didn't play games at all during high school, picked them up again during college, and then gave them up again after coming to Japan.  I hope to have the time to play again when I retire.


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