Japanese Magazines on ebay i found

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So here is eBay user called japan-goods-hunter that has tons of japanese magazines that i figure you guys would want to scan. The price is very high but i figure i could at least posted if there is anything close to normal pricing. Or at least maybe make a lower offer for some the magazine sets.



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As Phillyman pointed out, Retromags gets a commission if anyone buys something from that link, so by all means, go for it if you're rich.  🤑

But I would be remiss not to point out that everything listed by the seller in the above link is being sold for about 4 times the price that it can be found in Japan at various online retailers and auction sites like Yahoo.  So be aware that you're being taken advantage of. 

I would encourage anyone interested in obtaining Japanese mags to first check and see if Japanese sellers will ship internationally.  Barring that, there are many proxy services which will purchase items from Yahoo auctions on your behalf and then ship them from Japan which should ultimately save you quite a bit of money (just do a search on how to buy from Yahoo auctions).

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