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Missing: N-Gage insider


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As you can see, it was a trade magazine/advertisement created by Nokia to promote the Ngage and sent for free to retailers to try to get them to carry the product.  And with only 57 games ever released over the Ngage's lifespan, yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if there were only 3 issues.

It's a little hard to be sure from the pictures, but it looks quite thin - I would guess under 20 pages, which makes it more of an advertising newsletter than a magazine.  But we've got other similar game publisher newsletters in the DB, so I guess there's a precedent for it.

But seriously...the Ngage?

You know what's funniest of all about the Ngage?  Retromags doesn't have an emoticon for it.  We have emoticons for every console and handheld under the sun, including the Wonder Swan and the FM Towns Marty (45,000 units sold TOTAL)...but no Ngage.  Sick burn, Retromags.

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