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Using Watermarks to Combat Piracy


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TheEvilOverlord writes to tell us PC Advisor is reporting that researchers at the Fraunhofer Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute have developed a new watermarking system to help track and combat piracy. From the article: "The system lets content providers, such as music studios, embed a watermark in their downloadable MP3 files. Watermark technology makes slight changes to data in sound and image files. For instance, the change could be a higher volume intensity in a tiny part of a song or a brighter colour in a minuscule part of a picture. Even the best-trained human eyes and ears, according to Kip, can't detect the change."slashdot?g=3675


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Seriously! I mean 500 GB hard drives are currently available for under $300. Sure it would be bulky but it doesn't seem that unrealistic to me that an MP3 player with that type of capacity could be manufactured. Remember back when you had to carry around not only a bulky circa 1991 portable cd player but a big case of CDs too? would a bulky 500 GB (or at least 250 GB) MP3/FLAC player be so terrible?

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