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What happened to the old Nintendo Power player's guides?


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I remember there used to be a bunch of the NP strategy guides from the '90s on this website you could download. Now I can't find any? I see they're in the Gallery, but those are just the covers. I can't find the download links for the whole guides. I'm guessing they must've been taken down. Can anyone tell me where else I can find them?

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Oh man, you must have been visiting us way back in the day :lol:

So yes, way back in the day, I want to say between 2005 and 2007/08 we had a member named 420. He took up the mantle of scanning all the old Nintendo Power Players Guides and he had shared some of those here at Retromags. Back then we also had an Arcade/Casino section on this site where you could play arcade games for virtual points and then take those virtual points and bet them in the Casino for more points. One of the games in the Casino or Arcade paid out huge, and I adjusted it so that a member would not just run the number up and get such an amount of points that would cause issues with the forum trying to display or compute that number.

Well when I nerfed that game, 420 got in a pissy mood and got smart with me and he got banned and when he got banned he asked me to remove the Nintendo Guides I had up of his, he took them all over to a private tracker that has since been shut down years ago. So that is what happened, so I am sure some of them are floating around the web, but I would not know where.

Now if any one out there has some of these old Nintendo Power Players Guides laying around, or they want to buy a stack of them and send them to me......I will scan them up :) I just got done scanning 101 magazines this month, so bring on the NPP Guides and I will do those as well :P


PM me if you have any to donate or want to help us gather some. You can also send me eBay gift cards to admin@retromags.com and let me know that you would like it to go to getting a complete Nintendo Power Guide Collection....


Search for Nintendo Power Players Guides here


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