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So these have been getting a lot of hate over on the KLOV forums, but I love these things!  For those who haven't seen them, they are 3/4 scale arcade machines sold in Wal-Mart for 300 each.  I've slowly been finding them on discount and decking out my game room with them.  They are a bit short, but they sell a riser that boosts them another 13 inches to make them tall enough to play while standing.  So far I have grabbed Street Fighter 2 for $190, Pac-Man for $190, and Rampage for $150.  I'd like to grab the 12 in 1 Atari one if I can find it cheap, and they are also doing a second wave with new games.  Two of the new ones are Mortal Kombat (which has the first 3 arcade games in it) and Final Fight (which also has 1944, Strider, and Ghosts n Goblins) that I will gladly pay full price for when they come out.  I'm skipping the others, but other wave 2 machines are Space Invaders, Golden Tee, and Karate Champ.  Anyone else decking out their game room with these?


I went ahead and attached a photo of my arcade section in my game room for some size comparison.  Over on the right is a full size Magic Sword machine.  The Pac Man and Street Fighter are on the risers.  The Rampage is not on a riser yet, still need to get one for it.


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They definitely look cool, I would not mind having the Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat stands.

What would really sell it for me is if they had a real arcade board rather than a dedicated emulator. Outside of the artwork and sticks you can put all of these games on a Raspberry Pi board for $35. If there was a product out there that was an authorized replicated arcade board with a modification for CRT or HDMI monitor output I would buy that.

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