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Best way to view PDFs of Magazines?


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What's the best way to view PDFs of magazines on a PC? I ask because most magazines don't look good at the default fit-to-page zoom. You have to zoom in 2-3 times for it to be comfortable to read such as Edge issue 34 (July 1996) page 7 for example. Also some fonts are just ugly, are they really that ugly to read in the physical magazines and they just don't look good on a PC?

Would a 4K monitor make reading easier because you don't have to zoom in?

Are magazines even worse to read on a tablet such as an iPad?



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The best option currently is an expensive one but in my opinion an iPad Pro with the 12.9" screen is almost perfect for reading magazines because:

  • The screen is a 4:3 format which is the same as an A4 page
  • The size with that format means it is almost the same physical viewing size as A4 paper so if reading an A4 based magazine on the iPad it's the same as the print copy
  • It's portable so load up a bucket load of mags into the 128/256/512GB built in storage and read them on the plane, at the beach .... anywhere you care to ....

The only con is the price but as soon as I saw one I knew nothing else compares to it.

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It's not really a 4:3 device though is it? I assume it's 16:9 but you can hold it vertically and then the aspect ratio changes to 4:3?

Would any 13 inch tablet do the job or is there something special about that iPad? What about this: Hannspree Hannspad 133 Titan 2 16GB Rockchip 2048 MB Android (13.3 inch)


It's £198.

Is there a specific display technology I should be looking for in a tablet which makes reading PDFs easier on the eyes?

Is that iPad also good for reading strategy guides?

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No, it's a proper 4:3 screen. I suggest you have a look at the Apple page for the device. It is designed to be held in portrait mode unlike tablets like the Samsung 12.2 Tab Pro which is definitely 16:9. I had one of those and dumped it for the iPad Pro purely because the screen is the proper aspect ratio for reading magazines etc.

You get what you pay for with tablets.That tablet you link to has a 16:9 1080p resolution screen which frankly is sub-par for reading. The resolution on the iPad Pro is 2732 x 2048. Way, way better but of course you pay for it. The new version also supports high colour so HDR movies look great on the thing.

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