Sega Genesis Mini

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3 buttons vs. 6 buttons notwithstanding, this thing looks solid.  I have faith in M2's emulation talents and appreciate the unreleased games thrown in the mix.  If I hadn't picked up a repro of Mega Man: The Wily Wars a few years ago, I'm sure I'd be uber-excited.

Like everyone, there are some titles I could have done without.  But this has always been subjective - personally, I love Altered Beast and don't mind wasting time with Sonic Spinball.  I doubt the Genesis version of Tetris has aged well, but damn, a Darius port out of the blue?!  Sign me up.

A shame MUSHA didn't make the list.  I had hope - considering it made the Japan release - but I suppose licensing got in the way.

Though Disney is onboard - a pleasant surprise.  I hope Sega will continue chasing licenses in the future.  Maybe Warner to score Batman: The Video Game and TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist.

I also think this won't be Sega's last Genesis mini.  Unlike Nintendo - who are on record stating the NES and SNES Classic were fillers for hardware-weak holiday seasons - I can see Sega introducing a Model 2 Mini in the future.  Hopefully with 6-button controllers & the remaining core Sonic titles the second time out.

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