To All CIVICMINDED 2019 Magazine Donation Patrons...

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My name is Brian Lesyk (a.k.a. CIVICMINDED) and I wanted to sincerely thank each and every one of you who contributed to reimbursing me for the shipping costs incurred when I recently donated my video game collection to Retromags.  It was a much-appreciated and heartwarming surprise to see so many of you pitch in to help support this initiative.

Quick story...  My wife and I bought our first home together three and a half years ago.  During that time, I've been steadily converting my basement into a gaming room.  My nearly four-decade collection of video game paraphernalia has been stored there since.  About two years ago, the home's original hot water heater sprang a small leak and damaged a relatively small portion of my video game magazine collection.  Nonetheless, I was heartbroken.  That's when I stumbled across Retromags online video game magazine repository.  I was delighted to see how comprehensive their library was and how well the site was run.  I was able to recuperate some of my collection in digital form and have been a fervent supporter of theirs ever since.

In the time since I discovered Retromags, I began to wonder about the status of my remaining physical collection.  Despite being in practically mint condition, I was finally faced with some realities.  My collection took up far too much space and I wasn't really reading through them much anymore.  Basically, the collection became so big that I couldn't find anything I wanted despite being well organized.  I was essentially hording.  So, three things crept into my head: 1) Getting rid of all of these boxes could free-up some necessary space in my gaming room, 2) digitizing this massive collection would be a benefit to the gaming community (and myself), and 3) I felt that Retromags is THE trusted source and curator for this sort of thing.

Though it was bittersweet watching the freight company haul away my life's collection on a pallet jack down my driveway and into a truck, it gave me great solace in knowing that the gaming community would maybe benefit from it just as I did.  As I mentioned, my collection began decades ago.  It started when I was about eight years old and followed me through college...through multiple cities and eventually followed me home...and soon, it will be in your hands.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.  Personally, I very much look forward to re-discovering much it in its digital format.  It's exciting to know that my collection will join the many collections that all of you have contributed over the years, too.  If you receive a fraction of the enjoyment in my collection as I have received from yours, I know my decision was the right one to make.

Again, thank you all for your tremendous support!  I am genuinely humbled and your generosity will not be forgotten.





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Thank you for the donation, it was a huge gesture at a big cost to yourself.

There are probably a lot of individuals out there with huge collections who might be too intimidated to try something like this, so its important that we support someone when they do make the leap.

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11 hours ago, CIVICMINDED said:


I can tell you exactly how many: 864 individual issues (896 with duplicates), and 58 guides. :)

For those wondering when you'll start seeing these on the site, it should be fairly soon. I am still finishing up editing Phillyman's scans from February; there are 4 left, not including six issues that need pages rescanned. I also had quite a few issues of GamPro that I prepped for scanning last year that I am currently scanning and will be editing, as well as three or four issues I am scanning manually. Once I get through all that, I will start on CIVICMINDED's magazines.

At this point it's the editing that takes the most time. Even with automating most of it, it still takes some time to do. But it shouldn't be so bad if  I can keep releasing a new scan every day (or close to it). I currently have 31 scans done and ready, so that gives me some breathing room.

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