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As someone who has always edited my own scans, this doesn't really affect me, but it DOES bother me to see scans being released where the scanner and editor are different people, yet only the editor gets any credit when a "like" or "thanks" button is pressed.  This seems to me an injustice.  Sure, the editor typically puts in more effort, but that doesn't mean they could have done it without the work of the scanner.  For that matter, if the magazine was a donation, the donator should be thanked, as well.

I doubt it's possible with the software as is, but it sure would be nice if pressing the "thanks" or "like" button on a file's download page simultaneously gave reputation points to the scanner, editor, and donator (if there is one.)  Could this possibly be implemented (perhaps with a mod)?

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That would be cool. The scanner should definitely get some appreciation especially when they release great quality scans.

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Yeah, and in the case of non-donated mags, the scanner also deserves thanks for sacrificing their own magazines if they were de-bound.  When a scanner scans their own mags, they essentially take on the role of donator as well.




Sometimes, all three are the same person, but when they aren't, each one should receive thanks. 🤘

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