New Release - Family Computer Magazine Issue 056 (May 6, 1988)

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It's funny - I'm currently working with an American mag from 1993, meaning that the pages are printed on thin, yellowing paper.  Looking at this scan in comparison now, I think "damn those pages sure are white," but I didn't whiten/brighten them at all.  They really ARE that white.  That's the difference between Japanese and American mags, I guess.  This mag, from 1988, was printed on thick, top quality paper that over 30 years later is still as white as the day it was published.

And btw, if any of you enjoy trying out Japanese games via emulation, I urge you to give Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa a try (it's the game covered in this issue where you play as a baby).  It's a very good platformer from Konami that never saw a USA release.  Definitely one of those "undiscovered gems" for the NES, and no Japanese is needed to enjoy it.

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Japanese mags are really, really, cool, and a great source of new info. If a game never left Japan, then these mags might be the only things that covered them.

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