New Release - Dengeki Kouryaku Station Special Vol.6 joukan (Vol.64 supplement) (January 16, 1998)

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A couple of notes about this one:

Although it's a supplement, this puppy is 116 pages with no ads, which means it has more content pages than 90% of the USA mags in our download section.

In scanning this issue, we have a case of something lost, something gained:

Lost: Each page has a small pic which is part of a "flip-book" animation.  Flip forward for one animation, flip backwards for another.  Obviously, the ability to do this with a digital copy is lost.

Gained: Each page also has a tiny 3-4 panel manga - each one submitted by a reader.  These things are WAY WAY too small to actually read with the naked eye.  I assume they were just there so that whoever submitted them would get a thrill by recognizing it in print, even though it was too small to read.  Now that they've been scanned, you could zoom way in and read most of them (you wouldn't WANT to, but you could, technically.)

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I always forget that I have to manually promote these to get them to post to twitter and facebook.  Since only a few things per day auto-post over there and I'm always uploading covers, they usually auto-post a few covers and then ignore my new releases unless I manually force it...too bad new release posts aren't automatically posted to those sites, since that's what most people are interested in anyway...

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