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New Release - Famitsu Issue 0056 (September 2, 1988)

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I'd like to point out that this entire magazine was printed crooked.  Nothing like having to straighten every single page to make you have flashbacks to using a flatbed scanner.😱

Also, I wish I weren't too lazy to try to translate the Wizardry II vs. Final Fantasy II dinner table interview.  But I imagine it went something like this:

Wiz2 producer: Well, we figured if it isn't broke, don't fix it.  So we made a game that's almost exactly the same as the first one - same engine, same spells, same items, same god damn shopkeeper for f%$# sake.

FF2 producer: Well, we figured if it isn't broke, LET'S BREAK IT!  SMASH IT INTO LITTLE PIECES!!  YARRAAAGGAGAAAAAGHHH!!!

Interviewer: Oh my god!  What are you doing??

FF2 producer:  I'm stabbing myself with my fork!!!  It's the best way to level up!!!


Actually, I kind of wonder how much insight the Wiz2 guy had to share, considering all they did was port the game into Japanese and come up with new monster sprites...

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Maybe japaneses had too much work and stress, so much magazines are not perfectly straight or maybe 90's Indesign cannot doing straight rectangles good. 🙄😆

Thank you for this magazines.

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