New Release - Comptiq No.229 (August 2001)

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I picked this one out of a giant box of Comptiqs specifically because it was in the worst shape and wanted to fix it up.  The corner of every single page had somehow been bent, folded, or curled, and needed to be fixed in Photoshop.  Why do I do this to myself? 🥴

At any rate, it looks nice now.  I uploaded the CD-ROM to the Internet Archive.  Unlike previous demo discs I've uploaded, this one actually works in Win10 (well, I don't know if the demos work, but the disc's menu/UI works.)  Ironically, despite being able to operate the disc, I couldn't rip an ISO of it for some reason, so I just copied the contents as a RAR file.  It should still work.

Also, please note that the pages of the manga in the back have been rearranged.  In the actual magazine, the manga is meant to be read by flipping the mag over and reading right to left (thus the first page of the manga is the last page of the mag.)  Since this isn't possible using a digital reader, I changed the page order so that they display in the correct order, but remember that the panels on each page should still be read from right to left.

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LOL.  I just noticed that this file had zero guest downloads (most of our files are over 50% guest downloads, or in the case of the Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide, over 90% guest downloads.)  Something got messed up on the back end, but I just fixed it.  So for everyone who visits the site but is too antisocial to register, you can download the file now.😋

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1 hour ago, gingerbeardman said:

Compare your download with this one:

Thoughts appreciated.

I've removed the link.  I know it wasn't intended as a rudeness, but I don't want to leave stuff like that where other people might see it and accidentally download the wrong file.  I'd appreciate it if you killed the link and took it down from Mediafire, since some people will receive copies of this thread via email if they're following the new release forum under notifications (in the future, if you plan on altering someone's files without their permission, you'd be better off PMing them if you want them to see it, rather than posting it publicly.)

I don't care what people do with my files once they've downloaded them, so long as whatever modifications they make are for their own private use.  People can turn them into PDFs, rotate every other page sideways, or apply a sepia-tone filter to all the pages if they like.  Just so long as they don't share those modifications or upload them anywhere online.  I want everyone who downloads my files to download MY files as I released them, and if after having done so, they want to change something for their private collection copy, then that's their choice.

So you asked for my thoughts?  I think what you uploaded was an unnecessary recompression which made the file minimally smaller while creating noticeably pronounced compression artifacts when viewed at extremely close range.  Now,'s just me saying it was unnecessary -- the file is 27MB smaller, and the quality (while very slightly worse) would appear similar at normal viewing sizes.  But to me, the file was already very reasonably sized and compressed.  If it had been 2GB and reduced by half, then maybe you'd be on to something.  But again, that's just me.  Perhaps for you, that 27 MB is a big deal, in which case you should keep doing whatever you did (well, I know what you did) to all files you download from here and elsewhere.  Just keep in mind that no one who scanned and edited the mags in the first place is going to be pleased if you upload those alterations anywhere online.🙂

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