What better year for the Game Gear Micro than 2020...

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This year is a tragedy no matter where you look.

Only this time, you're gonna have to look RRREAAALLLY close if you want to make out that 1.15 inch screen.

So who thinks it's worth paying $200 to play 16 Game Gear "classics" on a screen the size of a postage stamp?



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I thought postage-stamp size video went the way of the dodo after Myst. :)

No, I don't understand why you would ever make a miniature version of a console that was so extreme as to affect the size of the screen and the control mechanisms. Part of what made the Game Gear so awesome in the first place was that big color LCD. Shrinking that is like drinking caffeine-free diet Mountain Dew: you could do it, but at that point, aren't you basically drinking 'water'? :)


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i can't comprehend why Sega thought this was even a reasonable idea, let alone a project to actually release?

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