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Looking for anything 'bout Starcraft Ghost


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Evening guys.

Probably some of you remember Blizzard's early 2000's  project named Starcraft Ghost, promising console game that never been published. And I am the one who's trying to collect and preserve as much Ghost related items/info as I can find and/or afford.  I know some of US mags been covered it for years (like Xbox official or PLAY) and even posted Nova's on cover, but EU was way ahead and publishers like N Games and XBG games even included Ghost posters, tho wish I had someone in Germany to help me find those mags and posters 😞

So here is a question. if, by any chance, some of you have something that contained information/art 'bout Starcraft Ghost? Probably some EU retro magz?

Already have PLAY, two Xbox, GameInformer all  with Nova on cover, one GMR is on it's way to my place, hopefully going to grab Edge and Joypad. If you have any and wish to part with it, plz let me know :)  P.S. apologize in advance if posts like that not allowed on this forum.


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