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Greetings all!  Just wondering which gaming magazines from the late 90s, particularly console gaming, had the most unbiased/neutral reviews?

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Welcome, @Moonshadows78! :)

It's hard to say, since every magazine and every reviewer has their own personal biases, and the 90's were certainly no different. My first thought is EGM, simply because they had multiple members of their Review Crew play and rate each of the games they reviewed, and it's easier for a lone reviewer/editor to let their personal bias slip into a review than for four separate reviewers to do so in the same way. Of course, if you look at the letter columns of any magazine that covered multiple systems in the 90's, you'd see constant accusations of favoritism towards one company or another, but that doesn't mean there was anything biased in the mag itself; some companies were simply more forthcoming with information or preview/review builds than others, and sometimes the editors themselves could see the writing on the wall long before the public would in general. It didn't make sense to devote 20 pages to Atari Jaguar or Panasonic 3DO coverage once it was clear these systems were done for, even if games were still coming out.

There were also publications like NextGen that covered multiple systems, including the PC, and were aimed at a slightly older audience than, say, GamePro and EGM, and for that reason tended to stick to features that limited the degrees into which bias could creep. :)

It's also good to consider that bias, by and large, isn't necessarily negative. Magazines like PSM or Dreamcast Magazine are "biased" in that they only covered one specific system, and GameFan practically cornered their segment of the market and grew their fanbase by being biased towards import and niche titles other magazines weren't willing to devote column inches to. :)

This was a great question! I'm curious to see what other answers people have. :)

Areala :angel:


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The odd duck in this discussion would certainly be GameFan, due to the fact they were heavily biased fanboys towards ALL consoles in some fashion.

Certain reviewers strongly preferred certain consoles and game genres, and thus skewed their reviews accordingly. For example Dave Halverson aka E.Storm preferred Sega games and RPGs in general. While Nick des Barres aka Nick Rox preferred hand-drawn 2D sprite games. Eric Mylonas aka ECM preferred quirky titles and arcade shmups. I think you get the idea.

The console specific mags are biased but also unbiased since they only talk about one console and rarely mention others. Beyond that NextGen and EGM are probably the best in terms of multiplatform mags. But in truth no mag offered truly unbiased/neutral coverage since each reviewer had their own unique tastes and their reviews reflected those tastes.

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