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The Video Game Database has been a part of the site for well over a year at this point, but I decided to start messing around with it and I'm pretty excited at the connectivity this will allow.

For a sample, here's an entry I filled out for 1943: The Battle of Midway:

As you can see, the database entry allows a screenshot, a video link, and box artwork as you would expect. But it also allows us to link to specific issues where the game was reviewed (Electronic Gaming Monthly #1, in this case), and also allows gallery links to display up to three ads for the game.

What's more fun is that if you go to EGM #1's entry in our magazine database and scroll to the bottom, you will see links to the various entries in the video game database for the games reviewed in that issue.

There's an awful lot of work to be done with this, but every project has to start somewhere, right? :)

Anyway, if you feel the urge to help out with the website but don't have the time or equipment necessary to scan or edit mags,  taking a few minutes to edit this database and link the games reviewed in a particular issue of a magazine would be an excellent way to give back to the community and help us grow our utility as a preservation and archival site!

Areala :angel:

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Hi folks, my first post here. Was there any advance in this? I ask cause I bumped into your amazing site by thinking in doing something similar. I downloaded a few magazines from retrocdn, and always enjoyed reading some of the old mags from my childhood. So I thought it would be cool if someone could cross reference the games from thegamesdb or other place like giantbomb with magazine covers.
A while back I did an experiment to cross reference gamesdb, igdb and giantbomb catalogs along with the libreto database here: https://github.com/viniciusccarvalho/retro-database

So if there's a way to cross reference that data here, I could spare a few hours helping out

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