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Electronic Gaming Monthly issues 130-230


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Hello everyone!

I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago while looking for scans of old magazines for perusal, and I realized that I have in my own personal collection the vast majority of the issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly that are missing from Retromags. Specifically, I have every EGM from 130-230, most in very good condition.

I would be willing to donate these for free if I could guarantee that I get digital copies in return! I'm downsizing some of my physical possessions but want to make sure I can still (digitally) leaf through my old beloved EGMs 😀.

I'm not sure what the process is for donating magazines, so I posted this here. Please let me know if there's a better way to handle things.

Thank you!

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Anything donated will get scanned. It just might take some time. Phillyman already has more magazines than he realizes, and I am working through donations that I received. So if you donated your magazines and they ended up with me, they would get scanned after everything else I have received. But they would get scanned!

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19 hours ago, Melki said:

@Phillyman wrote "I am not accepting any more donations of the big 3 (NP, GP, EGM) until I go thru what I have already" ...so i think your best bet is @MigJmz or @E-Day (it can be expensive to send and takes time but its worth it)

Indeed that was the response @Phillyman gave me in the Chatbox when I made an offer to Phillyman to donate my EGMs to fill in the holes from 2001 to 2005.

@umpire81 I have the same issues you do up to #199, and I had previously made a donation offer but as others have said Phillyman isn't really taking EGMs right now, and E-Day and MigJmz are working through their own backlogs right now.


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2 hours ago, swnebel said:

I have a .cbz scan of EGM Issue 147 (the Metal Gear Solid 2 cover issue) but the Download Manager will not let me Submit A File for EGM.  I have some other missing issues I can scan as well when I find the time.  I'm not sure it's the best scan so I'd be willing to get some feedback, as well.  

check E-day work in progress thread i'm sure he has all the EGM's but you never know.

you can submit raw scans in a zip file and upload to Megaupload.

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