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Super Gaming by EGM from Fall 1990 scanned with link


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Hi, I think I saw the Spring 1991 issue of Super Gaming by EGM uploaded here and labeled as the first issue, but I have this fall 1990 one that would pre-date it. I actually just sold it and thought I would check if it was archived anywhere. Admittedly I only quickly googled before scanning so if I missed it I apologize. Low res cover is attached here, and link to the scanned pages is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tbj3bc9085r4jcj/AABJCI-WgK4zRT0zPmKkUi9Za?dl=0

IMG_0001 - Front Cover - Copy.jpg

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So while this was pending approval I noticed the cover is in the database but listed as issue #2 from 1991. Above I have the full magazine and you can see the date on the bar code is Fall of 1990 which should change the other issues I assume.

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On 3/4/2022 at 10:52 AM, Areala said:

Oh boy. @E-Day, get the shovels! We gotta dig up the whole database. :D

Areala :angel:

Somehow I missed this post until now. 

Initially I thought the issues were out of order but it turns out this issue is the second issue. The cover says Fall 1990, but the year is printed over in this scan and in the cover that was uploaded here in 2009. So it looks like a printing error on the cover and they went and tried to print over it.

The masthead on page 4 Says Fall 1991. Both Shining in the Darkness and Zero Wing came out for the Mega Drive in 1991.

Page 14, the article mentions the Mega CD being unveiled at the Tokyo Toy June on June 6; that was 1991.

Page 21, the page for subscribing to Computer Game Review and 16-Bit Entertainment, the fine print says the offer expires August 31, 1991.

We're good. Our database is correct and their cover has a typo on it. Less work for us :)

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