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Name some of your favorite fighting games and Share a memory!


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One of the most memorable memories for me was when I a first saw Virtua Fighter in the arcades.  Its 3D graphics, its polygon fighters and the mechanics.  To me it looked amazing in those days.   Ultimate mortal kombat 3,  Street fighter, Killer Instinct none of those looked revolutionary as did Virtua Fighter in those days.

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a couple years ago for my birthday, i put together a fighting game tournament. What i didn't tell people was that it was a BAD fighting game tournament. The games gradually got better, but the first round was pretty abysmal. Featuring such "classics" as Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, Shaq-Fu, War Gods, and Pit-Fighter. 

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12 hours ago, Rando1975 said:

I wasn't a huge Mortal Kombat fan, but my local arcade was lucky enough to have an early version (I think it was revision 1.0) of Mortal Kombat II. The new characters were cool, new fatalities (although many were missing with this revision) and Kintaro & Shao Khan were BRUTALLY difficult.  

This sounds about right; they definitely released earlier versions of MKII that had yet to be tweaked. Bosses were notoriously difficult, and the AI was even worse than the final product (if you can believe that, lol). That's actually a topic I plan to do a video on in the near future!

I remember playing my first game of MKII in a local pizza shop. I was enamored by the cabinet and attract screen, and insisted my mom give me some quarters while we waited! I don't remember who I ended up picking, but I DO absolutely remember facing Jax first, getting wrecked, and being tossed into the acid of the Dead Pool. That image and sequence left a huge impression on my then-6-year-old mind. From that day on, I've been a die-hard MK fan for life!

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