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Scanning Software Settings and General Questions


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Hello! A while back I posted about which scanners were suggested, and I can proudly say I picked up the Fujitsu fi-8170! This thing is fantastic, but I have a few questions about the settings for the included PaperStream "ClickScan" software. I'm unsure if previous models, that other users use on here, also had this software, but if so what settings could you suggest? Thank you so much in advance!

General question wise, I have well over 150 Japanese game magazines I have acquired in the past few months that are not on the site (I have a list and they are mainly 1995, and full runs of certain years). For bound magazines, I have found that a heat-gun works very well, but on the inside of the cover and back, there is a line of glue that is inevitable due to the initial part of separating (pulling pack) the cover from the main pages. Other pages are perfect, I just have issues with those two, and I'm seeing if there is any tips on how to combat this.

Being new to this, my main struggle is with staple bound magazines (Example: Dengenki-oh), as I only have an ADF scanner instead of a flatbed, scanning these kinds of mags have been difficult to say the least. I worry about over cutting where the page folds, but if I cut these pages perfectly not all of them are the same size, so it makes everything awkward in post. For users that don't have a flatbed, what is your process for cutting, and proccesing these magazines?

Thank you in advance for your help! I may just be overthinking the process, I just worry about cutting too much, or messing up during the initial process. This has kept me from trying to cut and scan most of these magazines, in fear that I'll mess them up and ruin them.

Edit: I use the following: fi-8170, Photoshop, ruler, X-acto knife, cutting mat, guillotine cutter, and a heat-gun

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The glue on the front and pack cover is something you cant avoid unfortunately those pages need to be edited in a image program by cropping the glue out. Perhaps x-acto knifing the covers off while applying some heat can minimize the glue lines.

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For what it's worth, when I'm debinding magazines, I take an old punch card (essentially the same size and shape of a credit card) and gently push/scrape the glue off the edge while applying heat. This isn't a perfect solution, as there will typically be a faint residue that will smear instead of coming off, but I find it easier to edit out in Photoshop than a solid lump of glue. Of course, the question then becomes how much effort you're willing to expend editing versus cropping it out completely. Also, I use a flatbed scanner, so I have no clue how scans using that method would turn out in an ADF scanner.

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