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Flashback NES


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Gamespot has a piece in their Flashback series up, looking at the significance of the NES, Nintendo's original console offering in the United States. Last year the console celebrated its 20th year. Gamespot has a talk with Nintendo and reflects on the games that made the system great. From the article: "There was no denying that the NES was a phenomenon. By the 1990's one in every three American homes had an NES and video games had become a billion-dollar industry. Nintendo had taken over Saturday morning cartoons, cereal boxes, and the surface of commercial merchandise the world over. Through several different iterations, from the Japanese-exclusive Famicom Disk System to the 90's released top-loading NES, the NES dominated video game sales for nearly a decade."slashdot?g=3935


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There was also relatively little competition for the NES. For most of it's life the only video game alternatives were on PC or arcades. PC games were not as sophisticated back then and you had to play them on a tiny monitor. Arcade games were just harder to come by and you needed quarters in your pocket to play.

Now there's competition from PC games, Sony's Playstation, and Microsoft's X-Box.

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Nes revitalised the video game industry back then

Yes and if Atari had put it out, there will be no games except as a collector of dead archaic technologies. Because they where one company that screwed everything. I mean another computer like device? $250? I think not!! Especially if the games suck! And rampant piracy of said games.

I think the outcome was great when Nintendo Entertainment System came out instead of Family Computer. Though I wish devil world and the fds was put out over in the states. >.>

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