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Would Winning Retro Magazines Interest You?

Would You Like To Compete In Contests for Magazines?  

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  1. 1. Please Pick From Below!

    • Yes Great Idea!
    • No It Doesnt Interest Me!
    • Only Interested If No Entry Fee.

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As you know Retromags debindes (cuts apart) many of the magazines that we scan, But on the magazines we dont debind.....Would you be interested in contests every few weeks to win these magazines? I am thinking that each month we have a contest for a retro gaming magazine, each user interested puts in a small fee of $3, At the end of the month we draw a name and the winning member gets the magazine shipped to them free of charge (within USA).

Post your opinions and such.....and if we can work out a good solution for this to happen.....then we will do it :)

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Good idea.

But for me personally, I picked no. Simply because once I get a great quality digital copy of the magazine I don't need the original anymore.

It's great if I already own it, so I won't throw them away or anything, but I'm not looking to collect them like that.

Storage space is also an issue for me.

And living in Europe automatically negates my entry. ;)

I am interested in getting new mags from eBay and such though, only to be able to scan them and distribute afterwards.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. I could contribute to the site and have the chance to win a little something extra for myself in the process. :)

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I at one point though about framing covers or old ads that had a lot of artistic appeal.

just a thought a framed cover from a gaming mag might look cool up on your wall.

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