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Nintendo Power Finalization's

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I have started on finishing out the Nintendo Power set, I am going thru issue by issue and making sure they are complete. I will be ripping apart each Nintendo Power magazine and doing the following

1) Checking each page against the actual magazine

2) Standardizing the page numbering/naming

3) Standardizing the posters

4) Redoing the Rar Files

5) Including a Thank You Page as the last page of each issue (recognizing each person who has helped)

6) Integrating each issues supplement into the actual issues file

Every 50 issues that I run thru will be released, So The yearly torrents will be no longer supported. The torrents will be released in the following fashion

Nintendo Power Issues 1-50 ( (.cbr)

Nintendo Power Issues 51-100 ( (.cbr)

Nintendo Power Issues 101-150 ( (.cbr)

Nintendo Power Issue 151 ( (.cbr)



Nintendo Power Issue 159 ( (.cbr)

Once we catch up (which will be soon)......we will release a new Nintendo Power Issue from 5 years ago to that month. So in September 2007 we will have September 2002 being released......and so on.

This push forward will pretty much finalize the Nintendo Power collection, We will still try and improve on the existing scans, But I wouldnt expect any more then 1 redone issue every month or so. We ask anyone who enjoys these scans to help out in anyway possible, Seeding these releases is one of the biggest problems we are running into, There is absolutly no excuse for 1 or 2 seeds on our releases!

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