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Reconstruction Of Nintendo Power Torrents...

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As many of you may have noticed the releases have been a bit slow of lately, I am constantly trying to streamline how this website works. Also I am currently working on the reconstruction of the Nintendo Power Torrents. As many of you already know they will be condensed down into three 50 issue torrents and 8-9 individual issue torrents....bringing us up to issue 158/159

The work has been started as of yesterday unzipping all the .cbr files and recreating the file and directory structures. These new torrents will be releases as they are completed with the first one probably coming out in a week or two.

What needs to be done

1) Unzip all .cbr files

2) Recreate directory structures

3) Standardize naming standard

4) Integrate supplements into each issues .cbr

5) Integrate missing posters

6) Intergrate missing covers

7) Intergrate missing comics

8) Integrate missing supplements

9) Check for missing pages

10) Remove player poll inserts from earlier issues

11) Remove Address lables from releases

12) Check for pages being out of order

13) Convert and Insert .nfo files into .jpg's and place as 2nd to last page of each .cbr

14) Insert Retromags Thank You Page as last page of each .cbr

15) Join Posters from 6 images into 2 images (front and back)

As I get each of these things done I will post a status update below, Its gonna be nice once all this is done because then I can play with Sega Visions as my next project (which will be a quicker project) :)

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I wish that I could help with this but school is taking up about 12 hours a day for me right now. I'm teaching a new class of 220 students, trying to finish writing my masters thesis, taking a graduate class, and trying to put together a new psychology experiment. Sorry!

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