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[tribute] Nintendo Power

AVGN's Review  

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Alright, this is about a week old and some of you have probably already seen this. For those who have not, James Rolfe does in-depth review videos of old-school retro games and related paraphernalia such as the infamous "Power Glove" and the classic "Nintendo Power Magazine" which most of you are familiar with.

His home page can be found at along with links to his various reviews.

His Nintendo Power review video can be found at

Be forewarned, his language can sometimes be explicit and is not recommended for youngsters or those sensitive to swearing, mild violence, or seeing the destruction of (potentially missing) Nintendo Power posters.

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Hehe, I probably laughed way to hard at this video. :grin:

Wish there were more of these kinds of things around, especially if they delve a bit deeper.

What a great mag it was indeed. Too bad we will never see anything like this again.

The 80s and 90s were the best time for videogame magazines.

I just wish they were easier to track down.

I have a whole bunch of official Club Nintendo magazines from the 80s, but they are all in Dutch, so very few people will enjoy them.

Nevertheless I'll scan them in one day. ;)

Too bad I don't have the English versions of these magazines, as they were distributed throughout Europe in pretty much every language, even though the content was exactly the same.

There's one on eBay now for only ?2, but sadly I can't bid on it since the seller only ships to the UK. :cry:

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The Nerd is classic. I love the Nintendo Power theme performed by Kyle Justin as well. I did a couple videos on my livevideo account running through some power mags, and it brought back memories just as this did.

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