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Last gasp for original Xbox? Sales of Madden 08 for Xbox 1 beat Wii

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Reuters blog questions whether it is truly the end for the original Xbox. Microsoft killed off the original Xbox back in November 2005 when it launched the Xbox 360 which ultimately meant sales of Xbox games and hardware hit near rock bottom. However, EA surprised a few people by throwing out an Xbox version of Madden 08 recently, but it looks like their wise move paid off as the Xbox version of Madden 08 sold 122,000 copies during August which beat the 116,000 copies sold on Wii. But besides that, MS sold 80 original Xboxes in August, not bad, but surely the days until the final nail on the Xbox coffin goes down must be numbered.

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I don't get why Madden 08 is doing so well on any system. Isn't it the exact same thing as Madden 07, Madden 06, Madden 05, Madden 04, Madden 03, Madden 02, Madden 01, Madden 2000, Madden 99, etc all the way back to 1985? I can understand updating the game once in a while, but every single year?

I guess I'm just not sports fan enough to see it. I don't even like announcers. Personally I can't wait until the old man croaks and hopefully kills that line of games. With my luck, they'll just replace him with someone else who's qualified to scribble all over a screen, probably someone with the same last name so they can continue making money off of it.

Anyway, it's a good thing that it's selling better on XBox than Wii. * imagines dumb jock throwing Wii Remote through television set, then yelling at Nintendo for "breaking his big-screen" *

The XBox may be dated, but it's still a good system. As I understand it, it's cheaper than Wii, modifyable (if anyone who buys Madden can grasp such a complicated concept), and almost as powerful, but... Nintendo FTW!


Sorry if I sound grumpy over this, I know the game has its strong points, I just find sports games, especially football based, extremely boring, and this series just seems too repetitive to me.

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