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Nintendo Power: Under New Management

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Parts of this are old news, but the following message arrived in my inbox this morning:

Dear Nintendo Power subscriber,

We?re excited to inform you that Nintendo has partnered with

Future US, Inc. to publish Nintendo Power starting with the December

issue, Vol. 222! If you don?t know Future US by name, then you may be

familiar with some of its other industry-leading magazines, which

include PC Gamer, Official Xbox Magazine, and Playstation: The Official


What does this partnership mean to you? Not much, really. Most

importantly Canadian and U.S. subscribers will continue to receive

Nintendo Power with no gaps in your subscription.

You will receive issues each month until your current 12 issue subscription

is fulfilled. Subscription renewals (and new subscriptions) will be

offered for $19.95 in the US and $27.95 in Canada (payable in US Funds)

for 12 issues, and Future US will be sure to let you know in advance when

it?s time to renew so you won?t miss a single issue.

And what about the magazine?s content? The editorial team at Future US

will continue to work very closely with Nintendo to provide the same

high-quality magazine that readers love. In addition, Future US plans

for a bigger and better Over time, the Nintendo Power

staff will look for ways to evolve and improve every aspect of the


We would also like to reassure you that Nintendo will continue to protect

your personal information in the manner we always have. Future US will

utilize subscriber information only for the servicing of Nintendo Power

subscriptions and is committed to following Nintendo?s high standards in

regard to privacy when handling your personal information.

After October 15, 2007, if you have a question relating to your

subscription, please contact Future US at:

Nintendo Power

Customer Care

PO Box 5770,

Harlan, IA 51593

or send an email to, or call


You can also send letters, art, and photos to

Thank you and we hope you continue to enjoy Nintendo Power for many

more years.


Nintendo of America Inc.

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The old Nintendo Power was created by Nintendo of America. Now it's outsourced to another publisher. I hope it doesn't become like PlayStation Underground.

I remember when Sony Computer Entertainment published PlayStation Underground as CD-ROMs, now it's just a generic crappy magazine by some outsourced publisher. I'll bet 99% of Nintendo Power">NP's charm is going out the window.

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Nintendo Power has been unnecessary for years. It always was nothing more than a PR arm for NOA and with the internet that isn't needed anymore. It doesn't bode well for the game magazine business though if Nintendo is bailing out.

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I for one will keep getting it. I've been with Nintendo Power">NP since back in 1989 and I will keep getting until the end no matter what.

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