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Gamepro Progress Chart - Would Like Feedback

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I have only recently been added to the magazine release team as a scanner, but one thing that can be confusing is the status of issues. I know we only have 6 GamePro magazines scanned and edited, but figuring out what to scan next requires coming to the WIP section and scrolling through posts. The other option is to look through the other wiki pages, Acquired, Scanned, Release. These pages are great, but I would still have to walk through each one and look to see if an issue has been started.

I put together a chart on the GamePro wiki page ( that lists the issue and how far it is from being released. This might seem like overkill, but if we had 10 people contributing GamePros and they all had WIP pages, I can guarantee that someone would re-scan something already in progress or released. It also eliminates having to look at the WIP page, provided scanners/editors/distributors can update this page.

The chart also allows us to see if what issues none of us have (the "We Have" column). There is probably a better name for that, but I didn't want to take up much space.

I would like some feedback as to whether people like this idea or have a better idea. For me, having everything in one place is very convenient. I guess if nobody else uses it, I can at least update it with all the GamePro information :)



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